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Jamie Perlow is an extraordinarily seasoned performer with a powerful voice who specializes in song interpretation.

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Here are the scheduled dates where Jamie will be performing.

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Here is Jamie's collection of recently recorded performances. Enjoy!

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If you want to inquire about Jamie's availability or just say hi, here is how you can contact her.



Jamie, Is beautiful, she's gorgeous, she's an amazing talented Singer songwriter ~ I love listening to her interpret wonderful music she loves so much, I also cherish our friendship over the years..... Jamie you're getting better with every song you sing~ Your rock 'n' roll buddy ~ Dion

image01Dion | Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


Jamie Perlow is one of the 'talented' ones. Believe me. I have heard her sing and she touched me.

image01Suzi Quatro | International Rock Star, Songwriter, Author, Poet, and Actor


A tried and true professional! One of the best vocalists I have ever had the pleasure of working with both in live and studio environments. Jamie does what she does naturally as it is second nature to her and she is also one of the nicest and most gracious musicians I have ever worked with as well!

image01Mike Aurigemma | Musician and Producer


Jamie is not a singer. She's a musician. There's a lot of singers that aren't musicians, but not a lot of musicians whose instrument is their voice. She plays her voice like any world class instrumentalist. It's easy to get used to how flawless she is and take it for granted, until you have a gig with a regular singer.

image01Jeremy Douglass | Musician and Producer


If I have my choice to work with a strong, professional, gracious, talented and beautiful woman on stage, it would be Jamie Perlow! She has the chops of a seasoned veteran and the voice of an angel. Always a perfect night to hear her play and sing. In this business, women have to be a cut above the rest to keep working and she is.

image01Maureen McIntyre | Vocalist and Musician


I have been in the business for over 40 years. I have watched Jamie grow from belting out a song at 5 years old, to a woman who I would put up there with any major star today! She should be heard. I certainly hope people will listen so the world doesn't miss a great talent. I am so proud!

image01Vicki Spencer| Vocalist, Musician and Film Actor


Jamie has a gift even greater than her perfect pitch - it's the perfect marriage of world-class, raw musical talent and tons and tons of experience. Maybe that's why her instincts - as a performer, as a composer and as a producer - are dead on. I've had the honor of working with Jamie - on musical jingles and on original music - in the studio. And I never, ever walked away without immense gratitude for the spirit of joy and the will to perfection she always brought to the work!

image01Scott Campbell | Vocalist, Musician and Producer


I'm a singer who was doing a gig at the Lobster Pot one night, went outside during a break, and heard you singing across the street at a different venue. I loved your voice so much, I looked up the venue the next morning to find out who the amazing vocalist was!

image01Lori Cherry | Vocalist


Jamie Perlow is one of the best female vocalists I've ever had a privilege to work with. Very professional. Gets the job done and done right.

image01Curt Gurganus | Sound and Light Technician for Borderline Band


Amazing vocals, performer, and person. Your rendition of 'Rehab' (Amy Winehouse) is beyond incredible!

image01Bernie Bragg Wharran | Fan


Great performer and fantastic vocals....not everyone can sing Adele songs, but you rocked them!!

image01Jane Todd | Fan


Jamie Perlow is a consummate professional that brings talent, competency, cooperation and fun to any musical endeavor she participates in. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and a preferred artist in my book…AND she is real easy on the eyes and ears.

image01Frank Aurigemma | Guitarist


I love your music and how you perform. I just wish we could be there more often.

image01Doug Cummings | Fan